Putting Children FirstPutting Our Children First!

Returning to the basics of why we educate children

This thought-provoking course is designed for both experienced and newly-trained practitioners, across all key stages. Created in response to the need to return to the fundamentals of working with children, this half-day session has the potential to change your practice dramatically for the good of the child.
At a time when the needs of children are often lost amongst excessive paperwork, this highly practical and realistic course will focus upon:

  • creating a clear vision of why we educate children
  • establishing effective relationships with children that reflect an understanding of child development and needs
  • effective communication with children
  • classroom management and the role of adults
  • offering a relevant curriculum
  • delivering inspirational activities
  • making time at school positively memorable.

Duration: Half day

Past attendees said:
“This course reminded me why I went into teaching in the first place.
“A ‘must’ course for every teacher.”

For availability and costings please email Neil direct at neil@cornertolearn.co.uk, or use the contact page.

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