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There are always lots of good causes and charities that ask for Neil’s help and support. However, to make a real difference he can only help a few at a time. He currently supports the following charities and organizations and should you feel you wish to join him he would be delighted. Please email Neil at

Project Gambia

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Project Gambia was set up by Neil Griffiths, with its aim to support and oversee the education and welfare of children in five pre-schools in the town of Gunjur in The Gambia. This West African country has few natural resources, the average life expectancy is 49 and many families survive on one meal a day!

After a visit there in 2005 Neil witnessed at first hand the difficult conditions that school children endured. Three boys sharing a pencil, sitting on a log on a muddy floor in a make-shift classroom moved him greatly. But he also couldn’t help but be touched by the staff and children’s, enthusiasm, energy, optimism and warmth.

Under the guidance of the Marlborough Brandt Group, a charity based organisation which has supported the town for over 30 years, it has been possible, so far, to fully fund one pre-school – the TARUD School and provide resources to four others.
The TARUD school has six classrooms, a hall, staff room, toilet block, play area, gardens and playground.
230 children aged from 3-7 years of age attend, all of whom are provided with a uniform.
The children are taught by qualified teachers (who have been trained in The Gambia) and work in well resourced and colourful classrooms.
The children are also given a meal at lunchtime.

The school costs £9,000 a year to run, which all comes through kind donations and fund-raising initiatives.

At a conference held four years ago in the town a working group was set up to create a Gambian based curriculum, (the first of its kind), focussing on child centred principles and African tradition. It emphasises the first language of Mandinka and the rich culture of the country. At this conference attendees drew up plans for the future of the school and it was decided to begin supporting up to four tiny neighbouring pre-schools, all with poor and limited resources. This cluster of schools now work together coopperatively sharing resources and expertise.
However, all this needs funding, so if you feel you or your establishment would like to help in any way big or small, we can guarantee that every penny raised will go to the children. The funds are taken direct to The Gambia and all expenditure is overseen and accounted for. So if you would like to help, then please contact us.

Any kind donations made by cheque, should be made payable to Project Gambia. In return we will update you regularly on progress, inform you of where and how the donation was spent and let you know how to contact the schools directly and write to the children if you would like.
£35 will pay for one child’s annual education.
£15 will pay for 150 dinners.
£5 will pay for one child’s dinners for a year.
Please do think about helping, as a little can go a long way and help change lives for the better.
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The Starfish Malaria Project

The Starfish Malaria Project was set up by Neil ten years ago in response to the devastating statistics that one child dies of Malaria in Africa every 30 seconds.

The project is centred in a small town in The Gambia and is ran by 3 Gambian health staff. Its aim is to provide nets to cover families and educate them on how to remain safe from the deadly disease. The nets are made in the village and dipped annually in insecticide.

The team run puppet shows for families, visit homes and broadcast monthly on the radio to raise awareness.

Each year the village fills in holes that may be potential breeding areas for mosquitoes and families are shown how to make a cream from local plants that acts as a repellent.

To date thousands of families have been given nets and trained on how best to use them. And it is because of this that figures suggest that the number of malaria cases are dropping.

If you wish to help with this project or support it financially then please contact Neil at

Wiltshire Scrapstore and Resource Centre

Neil is proud to be the Patron of the Wiltshire Scrapstore which is an environmental charity that collects resources that would otherwise go to landfill and redistributes them for creative projects of all kinds, from arts and crafts to DIY. The Scrapstore warehouse in Lacock is open six days a week for members of the public, community groups and schools to access the materials and services which they provide. They offer free membership for life and simply ask members to make a donation each time they collect resources from the scrapstore.

Many local businesses donate their unwanted waste materials to them. If you are a business that has waste materials that could be of use to them please get in touch at

Their wonderful volunteers help to provide many services and if you are interested in volunteering at Wiltshire Scrapstore please check their vacancies page on their website to find out more.