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Neil Griffiths was a Primary School headteacher for 13 years before taking on the role of director of a National Literacy Support Project for the Basic Skills Agency.

He came up with and developed Storysacks, promoting them to schools and communities throughout the UK. After six years, Neil became a freelance consultant, allowing him to devote all of his energies to the project and set up what is now the worldwide, highly acclaimed, and award-winning Storysack phenomenon.

Many publishers and institutions have asked Neil to contribute his wealth of experience to their projects over the years – his knowledge of learning, his gift of story, his passion for teaching, and his love of children – helping them to produce prized resources and to achieve success in the highly competitive educational market.

He has created award-winning play resources, written a nursery curriculum, a best-selling resource book on creative play for Nelson Thornes Publishers, and imaginative material for the Early Learning Centre. He has developed a scheme for supporting English as an additional language for Harcourt Publishing and has consulted for a highly successful toy manufacturer.

Neil also finds time to write his own children’s picture books, published exclusively by Red Robin Books. They feature strong storylines, memorable characters, enchanting language, and arresting illustrations. They charm children and have sold in the thousands. Neil loves to tell a story and a story time with him is a rare and highly entertaining event as he magically draws his audience into his storyworlds.

Neil is also available for inspirational training worldwide. He is known internationally for his unique delivery, exceptional energy, and his rare storytelling gift.


To find out more about Neil and what he likes, watch the three videos below. You can also view a set of 5 videos that Neil produced in association with the Early Learning Centre, on storytelling tips and techniques. To watch all Neils videos visit his YouTube page.

For Neil’s availability and costings please email Neil direct at, or use the contact page.

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