Corner to Learn is the in-service training company featuring Neil Griffiths. It provides a number of amazing workshops that will inspire and invigorate your staff so that they remain focused and enthused about the children that they teach!

Neil Griffiths is a former Primary School Headteacher, creator of the critically acclaimed Storysack phenomenon and highly popular author of many children’s picture books and educational publications.

He now balances his time between writing and as an in-service provider, lecturing extensively within the UK and globally having trained in Europe, The Middle East, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Asia.

On meeting Neil, you will soon discover his passion for children and desire to create an education system that suits the child and creates decent human beings who contribute positively to the world. He believes whole-heartedly in a child centred approach to learning that couples rigour in planning with enthusiastic teaching and original starting points.

Neil is currently available for inspirational training worldwide.

He is known for his unique delivery, honesty, exceptional energy and pragmatic approach to teaching. His sessions are packed full of ideas for the everyday setting and a time with Neil is an experience you will never forget!

If you would like Neil to visit you, please take a short time to read through the information about his workshops or contact us using the form provided.

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